Academic Team

The varsity and junior varsity Academic Teams are made up of students who have an interest in a wide area of academic and non-academic subjects who also enjoy displaying that knowledge in a competition setting.  The IHSA-sponsored activity is officially called Scholastic Bowl.  Each team consists of five people who answer questions both individually and as a team against a team from another school.  We practice during lunch from October through the beginning of March.  This allows students who participate in other activities to also participate on the Academic Team.  The majority of our matches are in February.  Everyone is invited to participate!

Varsity Team: Seniors Cory Gaulke, Kourtney Larson, and Kristin Robey; juniors Elizabeth Lange, Jenna Oftedal, Jo Pfeiffer, Emery Rowe, and Collin Wandsnider

Varsity Coach: Ms. Alice Pearson

Junior Varsity Team: Sophomores Kevin Chase, Kyle Chase, Jonathan Rutan, and Mason Schemmel; freshman Luke Nieland

Junior Varsity Coach: Ms. Wendy Buesing