High School

Meet the Staff

Darren Sirianni's photo
Darren Sirianni
Ext. 1103
Sue Renne's photo
Sue Renne
High School & Junior High Secretary
Ext. 1154
David Meyer's photo
David Meyer
Athletic Director
Ext. 1106


Meredith McNaught's photo
Meredith McNaught
Ext. 2307
Jerome Smith's photo
Jerome Smith
Business Education
Ext. 1110
Melissa Kenkel's photo
Melissa Kenkel
English/Language Arts
Ext. 1137
Brandon Behlke's photo
Brandon Behlke
English/Language Arts
Ext. 1234
Mark West's photo
Mark West
HS Basketball Coach
Ext. 1106
Andy Kruser's photo
Andy Kruser
Industrial Technology
Ext. 1125
Steve Feyen's photo
Steve Feyen
Ext. 1131
Sally Sirianni's photo
Sally Sirianni
Ext. 1120
Sherri Post
Multi-Media and Yearbook
Ext. 1128
Alison Brennan's photo
Alison Brennan
P.E. Teacher
Ext. 2108
David Meyer's photo
David Meyer
Physical Education
Ext. 1106
Ron Armstrong's photo
Ron Armstrong
Ext. 1129
Brenden Harbaugh's photo
Brenden Harbaugh
Ext. 1157
Alice Lundh's photo
Alice Lundh
Social Studies and English/Language Arts
Ext. 1139
Wayne Wilgenbusch's photo
Wayne Wilgenbusch
Ext. 1136
Mary Flynn's photo
Mary Flynn
Vocal Music
Ext. 2222

Student Support

Wendy Woolf's photo
Wendy Woolf
Ext. 1104
Sarah Smith's photo
Sarah Smith
Social Worker
Ext. 2103
Laurie Miller's photo
Laurie Miller
Occupational Therapist
Ext. 2110
Stacey Duster's photo
Stacey Duster
Physical Therapist
Ext. 2110
Julie Coder's photo
Julie Coder
NWSE Psychologist
Ext. 2227


Julie Heinricy's photo
Julie Heinricy
Library Aide
Ext. 1141
Judy Welp's photo
Judy Welp
Ext. 1154